Online MBA University Programs In PA

Pennsylvania is known for its online MBA programs. Some notable business colleges in Pennsylvania likewise offer online MBA programs. Did you know the online MBA Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon is among the best 5 online MBA programs in Pennsylvania?

1. Carnegie Mellon University

The Tepper School of Business previously opened its entryways in 1949, and from that point forward, it has helped move the executives training towards the board science. The school has delivered nine Nobel Prize champs in Economics, accomplished Top 10 rankings, and is perceived among the world’s most imaginative business colleges. Tepper offers a Part-time Online Hybrid MBA program for working experts who need to propel their aptitudes and investigate potential profession openings.

With Tepper’s Part-Time Online MBA, understudies get the chance to encounter get to ends of the week held like clockwork on grounds, one live night class for every week (synchronous learning), and autonomous online access (offbeat learning). Notwithstanding the adaptability offered with the online program, online understudies take similar courses utilizing indistinguishable taking in materials from understudies in Tepper’s customary grounds program. Focuses are additionally accessible, and understudies for the most part seek after three to four.


Tepper’s confirmations group trusts that a “common” understudy does not exist. Tepper demands that the main beyond any doubt thing in the affirmation procedure is that you can’t get in on the off chance that you don’t make a difference. The application due date for cycle two is on January 4, cycle because three is on March 15, and May 1 for cycle four. The program starts each September.

Fundamental Coursework

Standard Courses (102 units) – Accounting I, Accounting II, Corporate Strategy, Ethics and Leadership, Finance, Global Economics, Interpersonal Communication, Management Presentations, Managerial Economics, Managing Networks and Organizations, Managing People and Teams, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Optimization, Probability and Statistics, and Statistical Decision-Making.

MBA Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

Bookkeeping, Communications, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Finance, Business Technologies, Marketing, Operations Management, Operations Research, Organizational Behavior, and Strategy.

2. Drexel University

 The program is certify by AACSB International and positioned #15 on the planet by Financial Times.

There are two alternatives for the Online MBA: Accelerated and Flexible. Aside from length (23 months versus 43 months), the projects are indistinguishable. Both require 51 credits that comprise of nine focus credits, six credits of flexi-center electives, and 36 center courses. To commence each program, understudies must total a four-day serious course to stretch the significance of social cooperation in the learning procedure. Classes are nonconcurrent and advancement through a companion to fabricate coordinated effort.


Drexel’s Admission Committee looks for extraordinary and different people who show potential to succeed in a scholastically thorough program. Necessities incorporate a four year certification from a territorially certify school or college, a GPA of in any event 3.0, and a GMAT score of no less than 570 or GRE score of something like 153 in both verbal and quantitative thinking.  Projects begin in March and September.

Primary Coursework

Standard Courses (36 credits) – Business Consulting, Business Ethics, Business Statistics, Corporate Financial Management, Essentials of Economics, Leadership and Professional Development, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Managing Technology Innovation, Managing the Total Enterprise, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Measuring and Maximizing Financial Performance, Operations Management, and Strategic Management

3. La Salle University

Key to the Lasallian mission is its conviction that learning is best accomplished by doing. In the soul of “doing,” La Salle University offers a mixed MBA that consolidates up close and personal guidance and web based learning.  Because the program’s mixture position is an extraordinary choice for understudies who require adaptability. And because need to interface with teachers and colleagues on grounds.

Full-time understudies can gain the degree in as meager as a year while low maintenance understudies for the most part acquire it in the middle of a few years.

La Salle’s Admissions Committee comprehends that every candidate has a remarkable foundation and profile; along these lines, it doesn’t set explicit quantitative least prerequisites for affirmation. It does, be that as it may, hold fast to the accreditation principles set by the AACSB. Required records incorporate because an official transcript from all schools visited, GMAT test scores, and an expert resume. 

Central Coursework

Standard Courses (10 courses) – Business Economics, Effective and Efficient Management of Operations, Financial Accounting, Financial Markets, Financial Performance, Information Technology for Decision Making, Managerial Accounting, Marketing Management, Self-Assessment because for Leadership, Statistical Thinking for Managers.

4. Lehigh University

It is focused on creating pioneers in business and industry, and its online MBA program is no special case. Lehigh offers an online MBA that is AACSB-certify and gives a rich learning background to its understudies. Graduates acquire the abilities should have been successful pioneers and communicators in the present focused worldwide condition. The program is based on an integrative model and spotlights on bringing pertinent ideas and difficulties into its educational modules.

And also the program is consolidated and requires a sum of 36 credits. The program is entirely adaptable, and coursework can be custom-made to every understudy’s individual needs. Online MBA understudies can even turn out to be full-time understudies on the off chance that they so pick. Full-time evening understudies can complete the program in 12 to 16 months. Low maintenance and online understudies normally total the program inside two to five years.


To apply, understudies must have a college degree and present an authority GMAT or GRE score. Begin dates are for the most part in August, January, and May.

Primary Coursework

Standard Courses (21 credits) – Introduction to the Organization and its Environment. And because Integrative Experience, Managing Financial and Physical Resources, Managing Information, Managing People, and Managing Products and Services.

MBA Program Concentrations and Specialization Options

Corporate enterprise, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Project Management, because and Supply Chain Management. 

5. Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University is an AACSB-authorize foundation that right now selects more than 5,400 undergrad and graduate understudies from 47 states and 39 countries. It offers an Online MBA that is explicitly intending to fit the dynamic and occupy way of life of youthful experts. Its MBA program centers around giving experiential learning, temporary jobs, and systems administration openings.

RMU’s Online MBA is based on a similar educational modules and because conveyed by a similar personnel as its grounds MBA. Course materials are accessible 24 hours per day, seven days seven days. The program has a sum of 36 credits, comprising of 27 centers because MBA credits and nine elective credits. The degree can be earned in as meager as two years because of that.


RMU’s School of Business expects candidates to have a base undergrad GPA of 3.0, an authority GMAT score of no under 470, and official transcripts from all universities or colleges visited. The program acknowledges understudies on a moving affirmation premise. The entrance advisory board will just process endless supply of every required qualification.